April 01, 2021 4 min read

Written by Lucy @ The Luxe Home

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  1. Declutter
  2. Size matters
  3. Keep it to a minimum
  4. Leggy furniture
  5. How low can you go
  6. Clear a walk way
  7. Smart colour choices
  8. Less is more
  9. Mirror, mirror

Whether it's your living room or your bedroom, sometimes the rooms in our homes just aren't as big as we'd like them to be. Small rooms don't get used as often as they can feel cramped and uninviting .

But don't give up on that small room just yet. The tips and tricks below will help you bring make that small room both look and feel bigger on a budget.

1. Declutter

First things first, clear the clutter. This one might seem obvious but its amazing how many accessories and extras we accumulate in our rooms. Keeping a small room free from clutter is one of the most simple ways to make your room feel bigger.

So tidy those magazines away and make sure to tidy those smelly socks away too!

2. Size matters

When it comes to placing furniture in a small room, size matters. Whether is your kitchen area, dining area of living room we want the space to be a place where we can enjoy time with our family and friends.

Large pieces of furniture take over the eye-line in small spaces. That's why you're better off using smaller, more structured sofas and armchairs for seating. Then, center them around a small or medium sized coffee table or ottoman (great piece of furniture as it can act as a table and an extra seat).

Using smaller pieces of furniture allows you to leave some room between your pieces of furniture which will really help to create the feeling of openness we're after.

3. Keep it to a minimum

Just remember that just because you've downsized your furniture doesn't mean you need to add lots of chairs and 3 sofas and it doesn't mean you need to just empty the room completely. We're just trying to make the room feel bigger so keeping the furniture to a minimum is a great way to open up the space and make it feel bigger.

4. Leggy furniture

Rotterdam Club Chair in Clay Chenille

This is a really good tip for letting light flow through the room. Using pieces of furniture that have a leggy' look like the Rotterdam Armchair above allows the light to flow through and around the piece of furniture.

Another tip is to place these pieces near sources of natural light. Placing furniture like this near a window means you gain an extra seat while blocking only a minimal amount of that precious natural light.

5. How low can you go

Serena Round Coffee Table

Since we're on the topic of furniture another good tip for making your space feel and look bigger is to choose low profile furniture. 

Now, that doesn't mean sitting on beanbags, unless you want to, it just means choosing pieces sofas, armchair or other furniture with less height (that still show leg) or you can choose furniture that reflects light. Take a look at the Serena Round Coffee Table above, it has a low profile and its aluminium frame reflects light.

Choosing low profile furniture means that when you walk into a room your eye-line isn't met with a room stuffed full to the brim, instead its met with flowing light and space.

6. Clear a walk way

Since we're on the topic of furniture a good tip on how to make your room look bigger is to keep the 'walkways' clear. So you'll need to rearrange the furniture so there is as little furniture as possible as you look into your room from your doorway. This doesn't mean squeeze everything into one corner of the room, it just means make sure when you walking towards the room your eye-line should be as clear of furniture as possible . Doing this will help help to increase the feeling of space and openness which is exactly what we want

7. Smart colour choices

When it comes to paint colours, furniture colours or accessory colours you have to make smart choice in smaller rooms.

Using white will help to spread both your natural and artificial light and help to create that feeling of openness we're after. I know what you're thinking, a perfectly white room with a white sofa and white accessories will look too harsh and be a nightmare to keep clean. You're right.

So be smart, whether you choose to paint your wall bright white or maybe a slightly off-white paint pairing it with some neutral coloured accessories or pieces of furniture will help reduce the harshness and bring a bit of warmth into your room.

Another quick tip is to paint the wall and ceiling the same colour or if you want two different colours take the wall colour slightly over and onto the ceiling. Blurring these lines this makes the room visually feel much bigger than it actually is!

8. Less is more

In a small room be purposeful with your accessories. Choose lighter coloured accessories that will compliment your light walls and keep them to a minimum and keep them reasonably small. Anything big will catch the eye and take over the room.

9. Mirror, mirror

Black Manhattan 80cm Round Mirror

Mirrors in small spaces are our best friend! Now, that doesn't mean you need go placing them on every wall and creating a 'house of mirrors' style room. But strategically placed mirrors can really improve the look and size of your room.

Placing mirrors on walls that don't typically get much natural light or walls that are directly in line with your main piece of seating is a simple and easy way of opening your room up. Take a look at our Black Manhattan 80cm Round Mirror above for example.

Just like that..

That's it! Use these 9 tips and just like that your small room now looks bigger! I know some of these tips might cost a little more or take a little longer than others but even using just 2 or 3 of them will really help to make a small room look bigger!

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