April 01, 2021 6 min read

Written by Amelia @ The Luxe Home

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  1. Choosing The Right Wall Colour
  2. Consider the size
  3. Lighting
  4. Make Use of Mirrors
  5. Flooring
  6. Finishing touches - Candles, Diffusers and Flowers

Hallways are the first thing you or your guests see when you walk into your home. So a cold, dark, uninviting hallway is far from ideal. However, a warm and inviting hallways sets a warm and inviting tone for your whole house.

This means the hallway might be one of the most important places in our homes. However, as its not a 'room' we spend much time in, it often gets neglected when we're designing and styling our homes. But fear not, below are some quick and easy tips to make your hallway feel more welcoming. Let's get started.

1. Choosing The Right Wall Colour

Coat rack and box with jackets hanging hung on it and shoes in front of the box

Using a warm wall colour can instantly make your hallway feel more welcoming 

Your hallway likely has a number of rooms coming off of it. It's important to consider the decor, style and colour of those rooms and try to create a flow from the hallways to each of these rooms.

Now this is difficult if each room has a very distinct colour palette or style but not impossible. Whether your rooms have similar colour pairing and style or whether you've decided to go for contrast you're going to need to pick a wall colour that is in line with your chosen colour palette.

Bear in mind, hallways often lack natural light so if possible choose a lighter paint colour. It doesn't have to be pure white but stick to neutral colours and avoid darker tones if you can!

2. Consider the size

Console table with plants and candles placed on top

Console tables are are both practical and decorative

Hallways can vary significantly is size.

If you have a large or wide hallway, you're going to need more pieces to make the area feel a little more welcoming. On the other hand if your hallways is small or narrow, keeping furniture to a minimum will help create a welcoming feeling without making the hallway feel smaller or more cramped than it is.

Whatever size your hallway is a console table is a great option. Obviously if you have an extremely narrow hallway a console table may not be the best option as it will 'eat' up too much valuable space, but for the majority of people a console table is a great piece of furniture. They help to set the tone of your home as its often one of the first pieces you or your guests will see. Its decorative and practical so using a console table means you're getting bang for you buck.

Top the consoles table with flowers, your favourite home accessories or photos of your family or even a table lamp or mirror (a couple of great ways to sneak in some additional warm or natural light). Make sure you keep it simple when choosing what to place on it. Its a limited space so cramming too many things on top will create a sense of busyness rather than the welcoming feeling we're after.

3. Lighting

Ceiling hanging industrial style light
If you have a large hallway go for hanging lights, if you have a smaller hallway wall lamps are a great option 

Whatever room you're designing or styling, lighting is always going to play a huge role in the atmosphere of the room. Hallways are no different. First things first, if you have a small hallway wall lamps are perfect, they shine light upwards and don't take up that all important space we need to keep the hallway from feeling cramped. But if you don't want to go round changing the positions of your lights, pendant lights are absolutely fine, just try to pick lamp shades that allow light to flow through them not just around them and keep them close to the ceiling. There is a third option for smaller hallways and that is spotlights. These are great but you're most likely going to need to fork out and get a professional to fit them. It's best to see if you can work with what you've got first and then explore the other options. 

If you've got a bigger hallway then you can really go to town on lighting and add a big statement piece to the centre of your hallway. Statement lighting is not only fabulous to look at but will also help reduce the amount of 'space' in the hallway which will help to create a more cosy and welcoming hallway.

Finally, although it is a personal choice, choosing a light bulb with a softer more yellowish hue can create a feeling of warmth in your hallway.

4. Make use of Mirrors

I mentioned mirrors earlier in the post but they need their own section... that's how important they are! What size of mirror will depend on the space you're working with. If you have a small hallway then I suggest a medium size mirror, think big but not so big that it pull your eyes towards it as soon as you walk through the door. If you have a large hallway you can go for a large or even a statement mirror as these will help reduce the 'space' in your hallway.

Another reason as to why mirrors are essential for creating a welcoming hallway is that they're great for spreading both natural and that warm artificial light we're not getting from our lighting. This is great if you have limited natural light or may only have space for one wall or ceiling light. Adding a mirror means that light will bounce towards the edges of your hallway, really helping to open it up and create that welcoming feeling we're after.

Oh also, mirrors are great for checking that your outfit is on point before you leave the house, hey we all do it, and so will our guests. So having one in your hallways is always a good idea.

5. Flooring

Hallway with carpet runner

No one likes cold feet! Using a hallway runner means your feet won't be cold.

Flooring is another key part of creating a welcoming hallway. Although it feels like its towards the bottom of our eye-line when we walk in, it has a significant impact on the felling of a room.

Hallway flooring choice is particularly difficult as it gets a lot of foot traffic and its often where people take off their shoes and socks which means the dream of having soft luscious cream carpets as your enter the house may not be the best idea!

Tiling or using laminate can be a great way to add something that is a little more visually appealing to your hallway and its usually super easy to keep clean.

The only issue with tiling the floor or using laminate is that it can be cold on your feet at certain times of the year! This may sound silly but if you want to create a welcoming home, taking your shoes off and stepping onto a freezing cold floor isn't ideal! Using a hallway runner is great way to soften the harshness of the tiling or laminate and it means your feet wont be freezing as you navigate through your hallway. If you place the runner a meter or two from the start of your hallway, you'll give people enough space to take of their shoes and that means no more muddy shoe marks ruining the the flooring.

6. Finishing touches - Candles, Diffusers and Flowers

Reed diffuser with plant green plant to its side
Candles, diffusers and plants are an easy way to create a welcoming feeling in your hallway.

Finishing touches can tie everything in your hallway together or they can accentuate the great style you already have, either way be sure to make conscious decisions when it comes to adding your finishing touches.

Adding candles, diffusers or flowers to the hallway is a easy way to create a welcoming feeling and it will also help your space smell gorgeous. Nobody wants to come home to the smell of stinky shoes. Try not to add to many though as we don't want too many contrasting scents or for the scent to be overwhelming!

The scent may change depending on the time of the year or your preference at the time but making sure you think about what scent you want your guests to experience as they enter your house is great way to make your home and hallway feel more welcoming.

And we're done...

There you have it, 6 tips that will help create a more welcoming hallway. Some of them require a little bit more effort and money than others but you don't have to do all of them at once or even ever. Pick the ones you think would have the most impact on your hallway and go with them!

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