December 14, 2020 4 min read

Written by: Chrissie Cee @ The Luxe Home

2020 - We’re in the last month of the year and with the ever-evolving Covid-19 pandemic affecting our daily lives, forcing most of us to stay at home and massively impacting how we go about our routine activities. Working or studying in the comfort/discomfort of our own home, this year has made us consciously aware of how small or how big our home is. Thanks to Covid, gone are the days where we could return from a day's work to find respite in our own homes.

So here comes the part when you’ll have those impulsive thoughts of clearing/throwing out everything just to open up space, or at the very least, change the ambience of your home and look to integrate some study/office space. Whatever your reason/s is/are, you might want to check out how to maximise your small space according to your style.

Are you up to the challenge?

  • Furniture scale - Make a rough sketch of how you want to see your furniture/room. Not sure how? Think about how you move in a room. Make sure to check your room measurements. No ifs or buts. You don’t want to go through the hassle and disappointment of buying and returning your most sought-after and awaited new items just because they don't fit. 

Once that’s over and done with, if you are a renter, speak to your landlord and see how much of the interior you can change and discuss bringing in new stuff. If you’re a homeowner, then you have the luxury to incorporate your style without much restriction, well except for the size of the space of course.

  • Styling - this is going to have the biggest impact on the next steps. You don’t necessarily have to stick to one style. You can be as eclectic or eccentric as you want to be. Your house, your rules... Just don’t forget your main goal and that is making your small space appear bigger.

  • Maximise your space with colours - small spaces means easier repainting. Although it has been said to use a lighter colour for a brighter and larger room visual, you don’t always have to go with white/cream for that matter. Colours speak for your personality. By choosing subtle hues in your favourite colour palette, you can achieve your goal of maximising your space and owning it. 

  • Declutter - with our busy days spent out of our home normally, we might have failed to realise how much stuff we’ve accumulated throughout those years. Whether you’re going to ‘Marie Kondo’ your way in tidying up or just the annual home clean-up. It is very important to declutter and remove things that aren’t quite necessary and just staying in your house rent-free. If you haven’t done so for the last few years, you might be surprised by how much junk you have that will free up much-needed space.

  • Mirrors expand the view - you just gotta learn how to place them strategically. Mirrors bounce and reflect light, so the bigger the mirror, the better. Large mirrors can be hung to save floor space, it lifts your eyes upwards and helps to create the illusion of a larger room.

With the Margot Round Mirror, you get to open up your room as well as have an accent piece for your wall with its beautiful navy shagreen finish. 

  • Multi-functional/multipurpose furniture - again, if you're staying in a small living space, you need to learn and own furniture that is extremely functional. 

Provide a beautiful centrepiece in your living area with a gorgeous coffee table. Look for decor or furniture that hides clutter. The Lottie Coffee Table in Grey Faux Shagreen is one stylish piece with four useful drawers for all your bits and bobs.

Smaller spaces mean less floor area for furniture, but not necessarily less surface. Nest tables are one of the best space-saving solutions. The Frederick Nest Coffee Table offers a glamorous focal point in your room that you can use depending on your needs.

Find a console that can double as desk space. Use multifunctional furniture/dining chairs that are accent chairs and can equally be used for study space.

  • Slim (adequately-sized) furniture - if you’re not a fan of being a minimalist, just keep in mind the measurements/scale you did on step 1 when buying your new things.

The Paxton Console Table can be useful for those narrow hallways/small spaces. With its wide space underneath, you can throw in a few baskets or even shoe shelves to use your space efficiently. 

In the kitchen/dining room, breakfast bars with stools that slide underneath the table when not in use are great for saving spaces too. 
With just enough floor area,providing sensible seating arrangements in smaller spaces will be one of the harder choices to make. Try to avoid going down the big clunky route. The Daffy 2.5 Seater Sofa in Grey Linen Fabric is a great choice for small spaces, with its size, sleek lines, soft curves and neutral colour that will blend seamlessly through any interior style.
  • Make efficient use of the wall space -  items in the higher ground bring your eyes up and somehow make the room feel bigger.

Reorganise bookshelves and other reading materials by using hanging shelves that would also look good as wall decor like the Black Box Metal Shelves By Native Home & Lifestyle or Wallboards that are functional and stylish too.

Have the curtains directly falling from the ceiling to make your room appear bigger.

You might think they’re just small bits, but once properly done - these simple things can change the aura of your home. Would you choose to focus on one accent piece while maintaining balance with the surrounding furniture or will your whole space beautifully accentuate the individuality of each part?

At the end of the day, though your taste may differ, they willremind you of the importance of making our houses a place to call home.

Start curating your dream upgrade by shopping online - you don’t have to go through spending long hours outside looking for your new furniture and be disappointed if you’re unable to find that special piece you want for your home. Check out our website for more info and choices in a variety of styles.



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